Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Broadway (not 5th)

My fantastic boyfriend surprised me this Saturday by making our “date night” a classic Broadway experience.  To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a Broadway adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the works, so I squealed with delight when I saw the sign from 6th.  I have a long history of loving the original movie and the Truman Capote novella that inspired it, so I was eager to see which way this adaptation was going to lean.  Fortunately, it was a good mix of the two which gave a story I had heard many times a freshness that I would not have expected. For the fans, let’s start by tallying the differences vs. the similarities. Starting with the Novella….the time period is the 1940’s, complete with the look of the times…glossy waves, red lips and glamorous gowns.  This is in stark contrast with the 1960’s Givenchy look that made the film an instant classic. In line with the original tale, Mag Wildwood has a large role and that of “Paul / Fred” is a bit more alternative and a tad less romantic.  It is not the same feeling as the movie…so don’t expect a rain soaked kiss at the end.  The mystery surrounding the character of Holly is dialed up a notch and the relationships are a bit less easily defined.

If you know both the novella and the ’61 film, I think you would agree that the film is a bit toned down for the PG-13 crowd.  Not so for this production.  There is even a much publicized nude scene.

image via

For film fans, there is still a lot you will recognize.  Actually, quite a bit of the dialogue is exactly as it is in the film.  Also present is Holly’s over the top extravagant speech patterns and  random sprinkling of French phrases.  The cat is the same, except perhaps 5 lbs heavier….Cat is MASSIVE in the production.  I suppose it must take a lot of treats to get a cat to perform in front of a live audience.  Emilia Clarke is a convincing Holly if you are thinking of the Hollywood version.  She manages to give the sort of performance that does not pale in comparison to the iconic Hepburn version, which is a miracle all by itself.  Cory Michael Smith’s portrayal of the male lead is flawless.  He seems quite a bit younger and more innocent than the film version.  Though his infatuation is perhaps of a different sort, he plays the role with the same mix of alternating intensity and detachment.   Very well done.

image via


image via

Sorry, I had to interject with a photo of the fat kitty.  I cannot help myself.

Truman Capote – portrait by Robert Mapplethorpe 1981

Honestly, my only possible criticism is that we are still not quite seeing the Holly Golightly envisioned by the brilliant Truman Capote. The original muse that inspired Capote….Marilyn Monroe…is nowhere to be seen.  The stage version is still clearly more in line with the Hollywood version when it comes to the portrayal of Holly.  As with the Hepburn version, Holly does get rattled at key moments, but it is easy to believe that despite what is coming out of her mouth, she is still quite confident.   The vulnerability is missing.  You get the idea that, if anything, Holly is faking lack of refinement….rather than the other way around.

image via

The character, from beginning to end, is a bit of a love letter from Capote describing his own fascination.  Norma Jeane becomes Marilyn Monroe with the help of gentlemen friends, remains a bit of a enigmatic mess for the rest of her life….bouncing from complete control to absolute disaster over and over again.  Too bad she never got a chance to play the role herself.

On a side note, I absolutely adore the film’s reference to Holly’s “hillbilly” accent, which is more likely a reference to Capote (a southern boy from New Orleans) than Monroe.  Being a Georgia girl transplanted to NYC….that takes French lessons on occasion….it really makes me smile.  Unfortunately the lessons do not, for the record, diminish the southern accent at all.

In conclusion….go see it! Great script, wonderful actors and brilliant production.  A fantastic way to spend and evening on Broadway!

OK…so I didn’t give up on eyeliner shopping…

I know I have already sung the praises of MAC’s fluidline and I continue to stand by my claim that is it super fantastic, BUT apparently there ARE other fish in the sea.  If you are looking for a break, take a moment to check out Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.

The quality is, as you would suspect of Bobbi Brown, perfect.  Still, where this product really shines is the wardrobe of available colors.  I ultimately settled on this as my go to brown because of hints of shimmer and a slight reddish tone that makes blue eyes really sparkle.  A nice touch that made me plop down a few extra dollars on my basic brown.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate Shimmer Ink via

Here is the full color range….classic basics….blues that won’t make you look like Tammy Faye and shimmer that won’t kill your contacts.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 6.32.41 PM

image via Mr.Hankey

All I have to say is congrats BB.  I want to collect them all!

The Ladies of Fashion – Grace Coddington

It is easy to think that when you open a slick publication that the polish you see is a product of celebrities or supermodels. No one would deny that they are necessary for effect, but they come and go.  The people behind the scenes are the real trendsetters.  The fashion machine keeps moving forward due to industry greats like Grace Coddington. Long after Christy Turlington is tucking her chin into her turtleneck, it is likely that Grace’s vision will be still be shaping the industry.

image via

In a twist that I truly love, Grace is a 70 year old cat lady.  She wears a uniform of basic black and comfortable shoes.  Her face has not been taken over by wild cosmetic surgeries or heavy makeup.  Still, without the very trappings that the fashion industry convinces us are necessary, she is key to the creative process of one of the most prestigious publications in fashion: Vogue.  None of this is to say that the lady is frumpy, but rather to say that she is a true individual. She is fashionable and elegant without being completely predictable.

Considering that the thumping bass in Express sometimes makes me think I might not be cool enough to shop there, the thought of the cat lady being the visionary behind the glamourous spreads of Vogue was too much to let go of without further investigation.

I just finished reading “Grace: A Memoir” and if you have any interest in the fashion industry, it should be on your required reading list.  If you aren’t a big reader and only have a couple of hours to dedicate to the cause, check out The September Issue to catch Grace in action (it’s on Netflix).


In her model days.

Is is not too much of a stretch to believe that Grace’s introduction into fashion began as a model. Of course, many of the most successful people learn to be masters of their field by “doing” rather than in a class room.  That is certainly the case here.  No degree in journalism, photography, art or fashion.  This lady was in love with the world of fashion from a young age, jumped in head first and swam to the top.  I love it. Pure determination, passion and talent got her there…..and she is damn good at what she does.  To hold on in one of the most cut throat industries for decades and survive is one thing…. To flourish, is another entirely.

Grace has done just this and finally been inducted  into the small coterie of characters in the fashion industry that have become famous in their own right…Andre Leon Talley….Anna Wintour…Diana Vreeland.  When she is on the front row at a show, she is as easily recognized as her infamous boss.

Her notoriety became clear when she was portrayed as a character in Vogue with her role being cast by the likes of Karen Elson.  Balenciaga created a bag featuring Grace’s drawings of her cats to make what is possibly the only chic item one could possibly ever add to their wardrobe featuring a Kitty cat.


The cat lady.  As styled by Grace and portrayed (elegantly) by Karen Elson one of her favorite models.

Image via

Cat Lady?  Bag Lady? Why not.

Alice in Wonderland – Vogue shoot (brain child of Grace) shot by Annie Leibowitz

When fashion, art, models, famous photographers and buckets of money collide, who knows what the result will be…..Here are just a few samples of Grace’s creative vision…

Vogue – shot by Annie Leibowitz

Vogue shoot – Shot by Annie Leibowitz

image via

The famous front row with its most famous fixture (Ms.Wintour) and Grace.

Intimidated much?

This is her boss.  Seriously….I thought I had pressure at work.  Can you imagine?

In short, read the book, or if you are lazy, watch the video.  Either way, take a moment to realize that the real movers and shakers are not always who you might expect them to be.  Innovation, talent and passion come in all packages. It serves us well to remember this when we might have a tendency to think that fitting in a mold is a good idea.  Those that seem to make the mold are often those that break it as well.  Confidence and determination are priceless and always in vogue….No expensive clothes or diets required!

A Love Letter

Image via Tumblr

As I was being very hard on myself today for being a lazy bum and not “enjoying the city”, I started contemplating all of the things I have done in the past few weeks.  Here is the list I came up with:

*Visited a new museum: The Brooklyn Museum (it bears my name, so I think bonus points should be involved)

Image via

*Ridden a mechanical bull – twice!  I still have the monster bruise to prove it.

Yeah Buddy… image via

*Witnessed a blizzard and taken advantage of it by sledding in Central Park.

image via

*Explored new exercise options like Bikram Yoga, Red Velvet and Spinning (I still have the bruise for this one too).

image via

*Experienced fantastic Foot Reflexology

It’s not a foot massage, but I wanted the kitties! Image via Tumblr

*Gone on a gluttonous rampage at Talde, inspiring the celebrity chef (Dale Talde) to come and see which table was ordering the entire menu.

image via

*Spied Bill Cunningham at work (officially my favorite celebrity sighting!) taking photos on Fifth Avenue while walking to work.

He’s adorable. A living NY legend.
image via Scott Wintrow/ Getty Images North America

*Almost completely changed my diet, taking advantage of all of the healthy natural food options available in my neighborhood.  I cannot believe there are so many!

If they take your whole paycheck, at least they have a sense of humor about it. I have not indulged in the “Organic Air” Image via Healthy Living/Consumer Venture Capital

I did all of this while still talking to my family regularly and working overtime…..All within only a few miles of my tiny Midtown East apartment.

This is why I love the city.  So many options…so many new experiences available every single day. Sometimes you forget to appreciate it.

Yeah…I still don’t feel bad being a bum sometimes.   At least the cheeseburger, fries, cookies and milk I consumed from my couch today were all vegan. That makes it better, right?  Thank you Whole Foods!

Yep. That’s pretty much right. Image via Tumblr

Trying to be good can be SOOOO bad.

I am not usually a health conscious person.  I often (admittedly) live like an addict with food being my drug of choice.  Every morning I shoot out of bed thinking about two things…”how fast can I get sugar into my system?” and, shortly after that…”where is my coffee?!”.  During the the months of November and December, not only is it exceptionally easy to get my foodie fix, overindulging is almost expected.

This is pretty much me…all December. Image via Tumblr

In January I snap right into action and start the long and painful journey to get back to my pre-holiday state. I get angry with myself, I get angry with the gym, and sometimes, I even get angry with my social life.  Of course, my social life is not the real enemy, but the idea of nibbling on veggies during a night out on the town is almost unbearable.  It is like going to a bar after an AA meeting and ordering a soda.  You are better off just going home.

And in January…. Image via tumblr

Concern over being a fatty is usually what gets me “motivated” and I start looking for a crash diet and exercise plan I can live with long enough to make my pants fit.  This time around, I must have been in a better mood because I decided to be nice to myself.  Instead of eating 1000 calories of frozen or dehydrated fake food, I turned to nature.

If I can’t pronounce what is in the label, I probably have no business putting it my body.

Makes sense, right?  Well…it may be sensible, but no one ever said it was easy.  I quickly became aware that most of the standard American diet is “fake food”.  How did that happen?  It tastes good, its convenient  and it’s CHEAP.  The healthy route?  Not so much. The first shocking thing about eating real food is the price.  Food that actually spoils is more expensive that something that can sit on the shelf waiting to be purchased for six months. Who knew?

Still, I am digging my heels in and holding on tight.  if I can throw down the cash for makeup, clothes and weekend brunches, I can put quality food in my body.

Super Veggies Image via Health and Beauty Remixed

I was interested in juicing to supplement my diet initially, but my closet sized kitchen cannot handle another device. I can indulge in a nice green concoction at Organic Avenue every once and a while to get a shot of nutrients, but soon I realized that just wasn’t enough. Stress and lack of sleep left me craving more. Then I discovered Kris Carr.  She does advocate juicing, but  the “diet” she pitches also allows for plenty of solid food.  Plus, the idea is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle.  This is what I was looking for.

Image via Tumblr

This lovely lady was diagnosed with terminal cancer (stage 4) at 31.  She didn’t take it lying down.  Instead, she did what more sensible people should do without the threat of a death sentence…she started thinking hard about what she put in her body. Instead of chemo, she decided to feed herself a powerful diet of essential nutrients and eliminate the things that could further erode her health (aka, crap food).  After reading her book I became more determined than ever to spend some time seriously thinking about food and my relationship to it.

In many ways, addiction to “recreational eating” can be very similar to other self sabotaging dependancies such as smoking, alcohol or drugs.  It ruins your health, raids your wallet and can make you feel a bit out of control.  Major difference?  Hurting your health with food is socially acceptable, perpetuated by pop culture and covered by insurance.  Obviously one can’t abstain from food all together and good luck trying to avoid the temptation of bad choices.  More people die by obesity, heart disease and diabetes every year. Overindulgence in bad food is a sneaky killer.

Sadly, vanity is one of our better defenses.  Don’t believe me?  Ask your friends what they would eat if they didn’t have to worry about gaining weight. As much as the media (rightly!) acts quickly to condemn starvation diets and unrealistic images, the pressure to be svelte might be the only thing that keeps many people on track with their health.

Choose your Vice  image via Mr.Hankey

My solution?  Reversing my habits….going from making smart food decisions 25% of the time to choosing food for my health 75% of the time.  A flip flop in the right direction.

So, I have it all figured out?  NO.  You have to find a way to co-exist with everyone else and not become a difficult jerk.  That is even harder than resisting the ice cream sundae.

I have decided the only way I can make it work is to become a “social eater”.  I will indulge  (minimally) while out with friends or family, but I am not staying home on a Friday night eating pizza by myself.

Granny’s cake? sure, I will have one slice.  Yummy goodies from France…absolutely, I am first in line to try it.   I plan to enjoy food, but not look forward to each meal as entertainment.

And…. image via Tumblr

I still want to have 15 coffees a day, pizza for lunch and an ice cream sundae for dinner, but it gets a little easier to handle every day.  Overall, it feels better to be more conscious, more controlled and feel better about taking care of myself.  The rewards win out over the extreme temptations most of the time… that is until the craving for chocolate arrives.  Thankfully I just discovered rice chocolate at Whole Foods, so I might even overcome my chocolate withdrawl.

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Chocolate Cravings are killer….Keep it TOGETHER. image via Mr.Hankey

So, my dog is kinda famous….or at least he is way cooler than me.

Cute Overload

I AM smiling.

Now my feelings are hurt.

Brooklyn T. says, “Just a quick note to say your site is the bright spot in my day. Thank you for spreading the joy! My little guy’s name is Fellini and he is the absolute SWEETEST!” Thank you, Brooklyn, for the “sample of his squeezable face.”

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Look Alive! Even when you don’t feel like it…..

I work hard.  I play hard.  I STRESS.  After all of that, I try to find a way to hide the negative effects and get back on center so I can do it all again.

Stress. Image via Tumblr

Of course, the best defense is still all of the great things your Mom (and mine) always told you…get enough sleep, don’t eat crap, stop guzzling coffee…..etc….etc.  Those are no brainers.  I just stopped guzzling coffee and I feel like someone has just pulled the cord…

I wish. Image via Tumblr

After you have NOT listened to your Mom, you can still attempt to “buy” the illusion of being refreshed.


Available at Whole Foods for around $10.  This stuff is awesome, tingly and best saved for Saturday mornings.  It will make you look exactly like a smurf which is a mood lifter all by itself.

This works miracles. image via

Less time?  Use this thing.  It is fantastic…sort of like a mini handheld buffer**.  Make sure you don’t make the mistake I did and us a harsh cleanser WITH this.  It is just is abrasive enough.  Trust me.  You want to glow, not look like you have rug burn on your face.

**Please note, I am REALLY over exaggerating…this thing is fantastic and gentle..but it DOES remind me of shop equipment**

This stuff is the BOSS. So is the PRICE…but that is another story. via

This is the perfect cleanser to use with the Clairsonic. It IS pricey, but also soap free and gentle.

Image via

Love this stuff.  When I have no time for ANYTHING else, this will wake me up.

Image via

Keep this in the refrigerator roll it on when you have sleepy puffy eyes and people won’t ask you all day…”What’s wrong? Rough night?”.  The embarrassing part is when I have to admit I was up all night watching Golden Girls reruns…..not club hopping.

One ‘n Only Argan Oil Image via

Okay, so they make lots of expensive brands of Argan oils and I think I have tried them all on for size at Sephora.  This one is basic and relatively cheap but works GREAT.  It can be found at Sally’s Beauty supply for around $10.  When your hair looks like it really needs a trim, style or SOMETHING try this stuff along with a flat iron.  It can make even the most fried hair look healthy.

image via

Everyone knows that citrus will revive you, but I didn’t know until my friend bought me this (in the roll on option) how much of an over all “pick me up punch” it delivers.  If I am really wavering mid-day at work I rely on this.  You can’t help but feel a little bit perky when you use such a sunny fragrance.

The final defense? Make up.  Specifically, a great foundation / concealer, blush, mascara and eyeliner.   Too much eye makeup and lipstick seems to make me look more tired for some reason.  You can skip the excess, but stick with the essentials to keep you from looking like you just rolled out of bed…and want to go back.

Sigh…image via Tumblr


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